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Disaster Recovery

A disaster is defined as an incident which results in the loss of computer processing to the extent that business can not be conducted. A disaster can result from a number of accidental, malicious or environmental events such as fire, flood, human error, software or hardware failures. While sales contracts, accounting records, marketing materials, business contacts and emails are all being stored in digital format nowadays, it has become increasingly important for all businesses to ensure they have a disaster recovery plan, because in the event of a disaster, it's much cheaper rebuilding from backup than starting from scratch.

A Good Disaster Recovery Plan Includes:
  • Up to Date off-site backups
  • IT Specialists available 24/7
  • Timely repair or replacement plan
  • Re-installation of applications & data
  • Local sparing
  • Yearly review with a trusted advisor

We can assist you in formulating an effective plan, tailor-made for your business using our recovery tools and processes.

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