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IT Outsource Services

Here are five reasons why outsourcing is a better choice for managing the IT department, rather than maintaining IT internally

Improved Cost Management Controls
  • IT costs become more visible as all billable hours must be accounted for
  • Outsourced services are utilized as needed, and organizations pay only for what services are actually used
  • Industry standards indicate the requirement of one IT technician per 100 work stations.   Outsourcing is often a better solution for the SMB market
Improved Service Quality
  • Outsourced companies provide monthly performance reports on the health of your network
  • Outsourced companies can provide 24/7 tech support at a fraction of the cost
  • Outsourced companies tend to drive planning and budgeting improvements
  • Staffing levels can be adapted quickly to client requirements, thereby avoiding gaps due to attrition, business growth or economic downturns
  • IT companies maintain fully trained technicians on the latest technologies
  • Provides continuous IT support coverage without having to rely on only one or two key people
Equipment And Software/Tools
  • Outsourced companies use established standards for equipment and software requirements, saving time and money
  • Outsourced companies use approved lists of reliable vendors, which improves the quality of goods and services received
  • Managed services tool monitors your network 24/7 and alerts you of potential problems and system abuses
Client Can Focus On Core Business Competencies
  • Client management can concentrate on core competencies and revenue generating activities, while leaving technology management to IT professionals
  • Management of non-essential core functions is transferred to the outsourcer

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