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SolSwitch is a feature rich IP based telephone system that is easily customizable; providing enhanced functionality tailored to suit your business requirements. SolSwitch can be deployed Hosted (in the Cloud) or On-Premise depending on the size and needs of your organization - whether it's 1 phone, 50 phones or over 500 phones!

If your business has multiple locations or you have employees who are geographically dispersed and you are looking to save costs while increasing voice communications - the SolSwitch is your answer. Mobility is critical to most businesses these days and the SolSwitch provides you with mobility flexibility and Unified Messaging (UM).

Designed with the latest technology in mind, the SolSwitch was built to be used with SIP Trunking although it is capable of supporting other media such as PRI/TI and Analog lines.

The SolSwitch has been deployed in businesses across North America. As of 2017, the SolSwitch network processes over 1 million phone calls each and every day!


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